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The Not Average Audio Experience

The Not Average Podcast, hosted by Koehler Slagel and Mike Gililland. On this podcast you'll find a mix of short motivation segments, conversations with industry leaders, keynotes, and some specific content for this station.

May 19, 2018

In an epic conversation with the Metal-preneur-Warrior, Modern Day Giant Slayer, Fire-starter, and man of different spirit.  Caleb talks about overcoming adversity, experience as a Life Coach in the music/entertainment industry, as well as to people in all walks of life.

His heart of service & compassion moved him to assist the needs of others less fortunate in the streets, towns & inner-cities of the U.S. & abroad before his entrepreneurial journey began. His current business projects & endeavors are an extension of his heartfelt desire to serve humanity in all aspects while improving the quality of life for others.

Caleb has written numerous articles & blogs, recorded many vlogs & hosted online radio programs. As a committed husband and father, he is a passionate advocate for healthy marriages, families, children, individuals & relationships. His own life is a testimony & example of the power of love, forgiveness, healing, restoration & reconciliation.


Podcast Main Points:

  • How to gear your mindset towards realizing and overcoming adversity in your life.
  • Delve into the beauty of life and how you can take complete control of the choices in your life.
  • The music passion and how it plays into his life and career.
  • Habits to maintain the energy and enthusiasm to crush performance every day.
  • Being grateful about the opportunities and technology that is at our fingertips.


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