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The Not Average Audio Experience

The Not Average Podcast, hosted by Koehler Slagel and Mike Gililland. On this podcast you'll find a mix of short motivation segments, conversations with industry leaders, keynotes, and some specific content for this station.

May 23, 2018

 In today’s Episode we have infographic expert, Brian Wallace. Founder of NowSourcing the nation's premier infographic design agency.  Brian is also a Google Board Member and has had his work featured in the New York Times, Forbes, and Mashable.


Brian comes from Brooklyn, but if you ever connect and have a conversation you'll notice the non-regional weatherman dialect that we were taught in the leafy suburbs of Rockland County, NY.


After Brian secured a bunch of degrees and a career in technology he ultimately didn't want, Brian walked away and began a start-up and dove into entrepreneurship.  As a result, NowSourcing was created in metro NY, until it ultimately moving to the Midwest.


Podcast Main Points:

  • The benefits of hard work and resiliency
  • Benefits and Obstacles involved with starting, growing, and maintaining a thriving business.
  • The impact and influence of SXSW.
  • How to launch a unique business model and get it noticed by a mass audience
  • Future of LinkedIn and how to use Linkedin to enhance and grow your brand
  • Why it is so important to create a professional story and post creative,intelligent content
  • How to properly connect and network on social platforms


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