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The Not Average Podcast, hosted by Koehler Slagel and Mike Gililland. On this podcast you'll find a mix of short motivation segments, conversations with industry leaders, keynotes, and some specific content for this station.

Apr 17, 2018


In today’s Episode, Koehler and Mike have a discussion about the benefits of having a 10 Day Juice cleanse.  What are the advantages and how would he adjust his routine in the future to enhance the benefits of clarity, purpose, and vitality   


Main Points:

  • Expect a Withdrawal period at the 3-5 Day mark, when engaging on a Juice Cleanse.  Your Body is adjusting
  • Aligning the purpose for the juice cleanse, with the execution enhances the stay-ability and benefits of the juice cleanse.
  • Find the mix of the Juice cleanse that is right for you and your goals.

Questions Presented:


What changes would you make to the 10 Day Juice Cleanse to enhance the Benefits?


What are the physical/mental effects of withholding and supplementing new nutrients in your wellness?


Can Hemp Seed Flour, be a possible juice additive that provides benefits?


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